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Calling all parents, teachers,
and mentors:
Thank You! 

Thanks Mukilteo for passing the levies ❤️ 

2022 Replacement Levies for Mukilteo School District

The Mukilteo School District has two measures on the February 8, 2022 ballot. The levy measures are replacement levies, which means they are the continuation of current taxes that are due to expire. They are not new or additional taxes, and they are needed to continue existing programs and services. If voters do nothing, the levies will lapse. Please don't let that happen during this critical time!



Educational Programs Levy

The current levy to fund educational programs will expire in 2022. The replacement levy (2023-2026) will continue programs such as athletics and elementary instrumental music, and pay for substitutes, extended-day lessons for students, new curriculum, and services for students receiving specialized support.

State funds only partially fund "basic education," and does not include many things that parents and teachers would assume are "basic", such as having enough teachers for optimal class sizes, para-educators, bus drivers, and nutrition staff.


Capital Projects (Technology) Levy

  • About 13,000 laptop devices were put into use in the past year and half.

  • This came with increased costs to manage and maintain those devices.

  • Servers and networks require periodic updates.

  • Technology has a lifespan; for the laptops, it is about 3 years.

The current levy will expire in 2022. The 2023-2028 replacement levy will allow students to continue to use laptops as part of their education and modernize technology systems throughout the district including student and staff computers, and classroom presentation equipment used in teaching.


The district provided 13,000 laptops to students during the pandemic.

Teacher & Students_edited_edited_edited.


Capital Projects (Facilities) Levy

  • Essential building systems are aging and require ongoing periodic maintenance.

  • Upgrades are needed to keep up with new energy efficiency standards and regulatory requirements.

  • Unexpected events (like a pandemic) require changes to existing HVAC systems.

  • All equipment has a lifespan: Security cameras from 2014 will need maintenance.

Funds collected from this levy will also be used for essential facility needs to ensure ongoing operations and learning environment safety. This includes maintaining and replacing security cameras and components of essential building systems, such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire panels, etc. that were not covered by the bond.

There are currently 3112 middle and high school students participating in athletics,
and in 2019 there were 452 students in elementary band & orchestra.

Estimated Tax Rate

To fund both levies and continue existing services, the estimated levy rate per $1000 assessed value will increase by $0.23 in 2023, compared to 2021.

Click here for more details on the 2022 Levies

Wondering how property taxes are calculated?

Read more about tax rates here or Watch a video link here

PropTax Est.png

If these measures do not pass, staff, student services, and programs will be reduced.

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 2.48.45 PM.png

How Does Mukilteo Compare?

Mukilteo School District aims to be responsible stewards of precious tax dollars. Compared to other school districts, the tax rates to fund schools in Mukilteo are neither the highest, nor the lowest, landing on the "value" half of the tax rate chart.

Costs are about $5 million per year above what the state funds.


Nicole  Amor
Tracy Anderson
Cory Armstrong-Hoss
Tarah Bayer
Diane Bradford
Jesse and Cristina Cantor
Susan J. Cedar
Albert Chang
Jen Chong Jewell
Isaac Coddington
Anne Crocco
Mrs. Dolan
Derek Donahue
Heather Edwards
John Joseph Gahagan

Keashia Garner
Jessie and Darin Goodpaster
Ed Hansen
Jenny Heard
Michelle Heinitz
Kyle & Christy Johnson
Deonna K. Jorgensen
Tory Kartchner
Mrs. Keane
Lark Kesterke
Bente Klatt
Zac Koehn
Dr. Marci Larsen
Amy Love
Lisa Matson-Durbin
Shannon Michaelson

Carrie Mitchell
Erik and Rebecca Mork
Andy Muntz
Melina Oei
Miss Shelly
Amie Parker
Toure Pruitt
Judy Schwab
Erin Senge
Cable Smith
Amberley Snyder
Rhonda Stangeland
John and Crystal Stengele
Tanya E. Uyeda
Linda War Bonnet

Funds provided by the state do not fully cover the actual costs to operate a school district, so levies bridge the gap in funding. These levies will allow the continuation of existing programs and services. Levies require support from over 50% of voters. Support  Mukilteo kids and...  


Vote for the Levies!

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